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savings to help your domestic life

KWOSH provides advice to home owners on solutions to help them both save energy and live a greener life. Many older homes, particularly those in rural locations can benefit from retrofitting a variety of energy saving measures, the challenge is finding companies who can offer impartial advice and that’s where we come in.

What can you do yourself?

There number of things that all home owners and landlords should look at which will make a big difference to the energy you consume, and the amount of CO2 you produce: –

Check you roof insulation – ideally you should have 100mm (4″) running between the joists, overlaid with 200mm (8″) running across the joists. It’s not expensive to buy or fit but many people are put off by clambering around in the roof. If that’s the case, we can help.

Change your light bulbs to LED – Now this is easy, and LED bulbs have come on in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years and they are really not expensive. In fact you could be looking saving the cost within a few months of use. LED bulbs are available as replacements for halogen spotlights, screw fitting, bayonet fitting, large and small. A 5W LED is equivalent to an old 60W bulb. Go for bulbs labelled with warm white (2700k – 3000k) if you want to retain the yellowish affect that filament bulbs gave out.

Reduce draughts – Draughty homes leak heat, simple. Look at installing draught excluder around windows and doors.  Seal the bottom of skirting boards where they meet the floor and fill cracks around windows and window cills

Where you may need some advice:-

Solar Panels to produce electricity and hot water

Heat pumps, either air source or ground source

More advanced insulation in walls, floors and roofs

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